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Aspects You Shouldn't Forget When Buying Garlic

by Harper Murray

Garlic is a good food option because it has a lot that your body requires to stay healthy. It contains vitamin C, vitamin B6, manganese, fibre and selenium, and offers fewer calories. The plant also has medicinal properties and antioxidants that can combat a number of health conditions such as the common cold. As such, it is important to make sure that your kitchen has several heads of garlic so you can use them when the need arises.

The key to enjoying all the outlined garlic benefits is to buy fresh garlic bulbs when you get to a grocery store. However, most people don't know how to buy garlic — they just pick the first or the largest bulb they find, which isn't right. This piece will outline some tips you should remember when buying garlic.

Buy from an organic store or farm

One of the best ways to ensure you get the benefits of garlic is to get organic bulbs. The first option you should consider is to get your garlic from an organic farm. If there aren't any farms in your area, you can find stores that specialise in selling organic farm produce. Such stores select their suppliers carefully to ensure their clients get the quality and nutritious foods and will have the best garlic bulbs the market can offer. Be sure to talk to your friends or neighbours to get recommendations for the best farm or store in your area.

Examine the garlic bulbs carefully

Now that you have found an ideal store, it's essential to know how to select your garlic. You have to examine, feel and smell the garlic before buying. Good garlic will have a slight garlic smell, be firm and blemish-free. Check the bottom part as well to make sure it's dry, and you don't choose a rotten bulb. The outer paper coverings may get worn out due to handling, so this doesn't mean that the garlic is damaged. After all, each bulb has a hard-inner cover, so it's protected.

Store the garlic well

Most people make a mistake of refrigerating their garlic the same way they do other food produces. The truth is that garlic shouldn't be kept in moist areas. Instead, it should be kept in a cool and dry place. Moisture leads to the development of mould which leads to rotting. Ensure you use the bulb within a week or ten days after purchasing it, although properly dried bulbs can last longer.

Look for places to buy garlic from in your area.